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Rambles of the Literary Equine

One Million Words To Freedom

1 November 1954
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I will open my mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings of old... (Psalm 78:2)

We would that words become shooting stars, like gods, that they would rise up from the dead page into living forms of light and dark, into fountains of color. ~ William Shakespeare

Welcome to the home of the Literary Equine. I'm honored you've paid me a visit.

I am an avid reader and, yes, I entertain pretensions to being a writer. This journal is an ongoing exploration into the writing process. And, yes, I do entertain the hope that some day my income will be derived solely from the craft of writing.

What type of writing do I do? Mostly genre writing: science fiction, fantasy, and dark fantasy. I also write essays, satire, and humor.

To avoid confusion please note I write under the pseudonyms C. Alan Loewen or Alan Loewen.

My Current Publishing History

  1. Roseanne, Elvis, and Us appeared in the April, 1990 of The United Brethren magazine.
  2. Olin G. Alwood (1905-1921): Faithful and Wise Steward (pp 106-114), the eighth chapter of the book, United Brethren Bishops from 1889-1997: Volume One edited by Dr. Paul R. Fetters, copyright August, 1996.
  3. The Substance of Things Hoped For published in PawPrints Fanzine: Summer, 1998
  4. Canticle of the Wolf published in PawPrints Fanzine: Summer, 1999
  5. Alice Remembers the White Knight (poem) published in Beauty For Ashes Poetry Review: Fall, 1999
  6. Fox Hunt published in PawPrints Fanzine: Spring, 2000
  7. Coventry House published in PawPrints Fanzine: Fall 2001
  8. Festival of Masks published in the Anthrocon 2003 convention book
  9. The Substance of Things Hoped For republished in Gateway SF Magazine: Winter, 2005
  10. Canticle of the Wolf republished in the Twilight Times Press Anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God as well as Mask of the Ferret, cowritten with author Ken Pick: Winter, 2006. ISIG won a 2007 Eppie award and was a Top 10 Finalist in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll 2007. Mask of the Ferret won an Honorable Mention from the 2008 Washington Science Fiction Association award.
  11. Night Mares published in Sam Dot's Publishing magazine, Beyond Centauri, October 2007 (Issue 18).
  12. Dollmaker was published in the March 2009 edition of Aoife's Kiss from Sam's Dot Publishing.
  13. My Pretty Pony published in the April, 2009 edition of Ethereal Tales.
  14. The City Of Sarkomand, A Guide for the Traveler, Chapter 32 was published in the July, 2009 issue of Ethereal Tales.
  15. The Vampire Mice of the U&G: A Tale From The Universe The Next Door Over was published in the October, 2009 issue of Ethereal Tales.
  16. My reprinted tale, Fox Hunt, as well as Down To Cathuria (a direct sequel to Mask of the Ferret and co-written with Ken Pick) was published in November, 2009 in the Different Worlds, Different Skins anthology from editor, Will Sanborn. It is available through Amazon.Com
  17. My Pretty Pony has been released as part of an Ethereal Tales three-CD audio book collection, November, 2009.
  18. Ethereal Tales published A Fairy Tale in April 2010.
  19. Ethereal Tales published Greengate in October 2010.
  20. My short story, The Pooka and the Redcap (formerly known as simply Fairy Tale) has been released in the Static Movement anthology, Faeries, and is published by Pill Hill Press.
  21. Dyads, a novella-length sequel to Mask of the Ferret and co-written with Ken Pick, has been published in the anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God 2 from Twilight Times Press (November 15, 2010).
  22. The Furry Con Mystery or My Fursuit is Hot (With Apologies to Dashiell Hammett) has appeared in the anthology Darker Than Noir, edited by Faith Kauwe. (August, 2011)
  23. Ethereal Tales published Storyteller in September, 2011.
  24. My short short An Incident at a Carnival was published in the March 2012 issue of Cover of Darkness magazine.
  25. Yew Manor was published in the Morphiocon 2012 Convention book.
  26. My Pretty Pony was republished in Morpheus Tales' Apocalypse Special Issue on February 2013.

So, if you would like to explore my world with me, please come along for the ride. I promise you it will be ... interesting. The first mug of ginger beer is on me.