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Million Words Project Update

It took awhile, but I finally have all my stories, novellas, and novels aligned in all their proper files concerning subject matter:

Titles that appear the same are actually different versions of the same story.

  1. In Progress
    • Doc John Foster.cwk
    • Shattered Horn
    • Proteus
    • Paladin
    • The Lynx Syndrome
    • Lord Of All Futures (my little tale about the preacher and the hedge witch in post-apocolyptic Pennsylvania)
    • Chronicles of the Old Dogs: The Treasure of the Llanganati Mountains
    • Lair of the White Rabbit
    • ORCS
    • One Man
    • Untitled Fragment
    • Elysia
    • The Earth Under the Ravers
    • Yggdrasil, Version 1
    • Yggdrasil, Version 1
    • Where Unicorns Walked As Men (prose poem)
    • The Tree
    • The Last Satellite
    • Spiegelhaus
    • Slice Of Life
    • Sister Unicorn, Version 1 (my magnum opus)
    • Sister Unicorn, Version 2
    • Dinker
    • Our Lady Of Obivion
    • Jill Noir (my current project, co-written with California writer Ken Pick-- the first chapter is being published in the anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God))
    • Greengate
    • Fantasy
      • Perils Of Power, Version 1
      • Perils Of Power, Version 2
      • Perils Of Power, Version 3
      • Pepsi
      • Canticle of the Wolf (being published in the anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God)
      • The Seven Sisters (my novella for 8 to 12 year olds -- the publisher wants 5,000 more words before they'll consider it)
      • Night Mares, Version 1
      • Night Mares, Version 2
      • A Fairy Tale
      • Mallory's Other Ending
      • Molly’s Pet (a Black Andes tale)
      • King's Revenge
      • The Gump Stump Stories

    • Essay
      • To Touch Real Magic
      • The Muse
      • Wiccans and Pagans and Warlocks! Oh, My!
      • Hope For The Homosexual
      • Christian Fantasy As Art Form and Educational Tool - A Biblical and Rational Defense

    • Poetry
      • The Apple Lady Poem
      • Alice Remembers the White Knight (published in the Beauty From Ashes Poetry Review)
      • Maiden With Horn
      • Jordan_Draws (dedicated to Jordon "Graywolf" Peacock

    • Misc
      • Pick's Model
      • The Oak Fairy
      • Untitled Satire
      • Cheerful Company And A Merry Time (writing exercise)
      • The Crucible (RPG proposal)
      • Petri (novelization of the game proposal)

    • Christian Allegory
      • The Substance of Things Hoped For, Version 1 (published in PawPrints and republished in Gateway SF Magazine--dedicated to Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock).cwk
      • The Substance of Things Hoped For, Version 2
      • The Substance of Things Hoped For, Version 3
      • The Beast
      • The Atheist and the Pastor
      • Ekklesia
      • Old Man
      • Fallen Sparrows and Fallen Angels

    • U&G Stories (stories that center around the Unicorn & Gryphon Pub)
      • The Festival of Masks (the very first U&G story and published in the AC conbook)
      • Changing Faces
      • Wild Carrot, Version 1 (a light-hearted comdic rewriting of Changing Faces which was rather morbid)
      • Wild Carrot, Version 2
      • Vampire Mice of the U&G
      • Sheila
      • A Midnight Visit, Version 1
      • A Midnight Visit, Version 2
      • Jenny, Sweet Jenny, Version 1
      • Jenny, Sweet Jenny, Version 2

    • FanFiction (unpublishable because the characters are copyright, but a lot of fun to write)
      • MLP_Slash.rtf
      • How the Unicorns Got Their Horns
      • The ASdventures of Bubble and Squeak
      • Tattertail
      • Quatermass vs. the Aliens
      • The Clockwork Cat
      • Ember's Christmas
      • Ember's Wish

    • Furry (anthropomorphic stories that do not involve the U&G)
      • Coventry House (published in PawPrints with a cameo by stauros
      • The Furry Con Mystery
      • The Bunker, Version 1
      • The Bunker, Version 2
      • Summer Games, Version 1
      • Summer Games, Version 2
      • Fox Hunt (originally published in PawPrints)

    • Horror
      • Child of Sorrow, Version 1
      • Child of Sorrow, Version 2
      • Child of my Desire
      • The Mirror From Carcosa
      • The Unbearable Burden Of Beauty
      • The Black Andes, Version 1 (the first Black Andes tale)
      • Black Andes, Version 2
      • The Apple Lady (prose)
      • Ballads of the Black Andes (all the Black Andes tales joined together in one story)
      • Parting Gift, Version 1
      • Parting Gift, Version 2
      • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
      • Hemmel (another version of Evening Visit)
      • Evening Visit
      • The Chupacabra
      • The Pond
      • The Pig
      • S.T.R.A.N.G.E., Inc.
      • A Terribly Strange House
      • Soulsucker
      • Revelstone_2020


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