literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

And I Am A Happy Camper!

Infinite Space, Infinite God anthology

A list of contents.
  • "A Cruel and Unusual Punishment" by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

  • "Brother John" by Colleen Drippé

  • "Brother Jubal in the Womb of Silence" by Tim Myers

  • "Canticle of the Wolf" by Alan Loewen

  • "Far Traveler" by Colleen Drippé

  • "Hopkin's Well" by Adrienne Ray

  • "Interstellar Calling" by Karina L. Fabian

  • "Little Madeleine" by Simon Morden

  • "Mask of the Ferret" by Ken Pick and Alan Loewen

  • "Our Daily Bread" by Robert and Karina Fabian

  • "Stabat Mater" by Rose Dimond

  • "The Harvest" by Lori Z. Scott

  • "The Hosts of the Envoy" by Alan Lobdell

  • "These Three" by Karina and Robert Fabian

  • "Understanding" by J Sherer

Life is good.
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