literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

From the Editor of the Infinite Space, Infinite God Anthology

Hey guys!

We have a publishing date for ISIG: September 25! Wooo-Hooo! Traditional print date is 5-7 months afterward. We’re also eligible for the EPPIE awards this year.

Rob and I are still working on the cover with artist Bryan Shackelford. The first sketch was not right, so we’ve made some tweaks, but here’s the basic idea: A procession (possible Marian) coming from a cathedral with a large ringed planet in the sky. The procession will snake toward the reader and will contain aliens as well as humans. We suggested the alien characters in the book as well as some “generics.” Bryan has a lot of talent and is very open to our suggestions, so I’m excited.

+ + +

Me, here. Again, it's being published by Twilight Times Press and I have two bylines: Canticle of the Wolf and a joint effort with author Ken Pick entitled Mask of the Ferret (titles may have been changed).

I be happy. Though most of you guys could chew up a dictionary and belch out better prose, my persistence and nagging and begging and whining and wheedling and threatening has finally paid off.

And since it's a paid market, with the monies I'm getting, I'm taking *all* of you to MacDonalds (providing we can all share one cheeseburger).
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