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Health Update and Opening to Silvanus House

Unless you are a friend of my personal Facebook account, you are most likely unaware that last week was spent in hospital removing a tricky gall bladder. Preceded by a few weeks of agony, the last month has not been fruitful as far as writing goes.

I still slog ahead with the third "chapter" of Doll Wars (if a 50,000 word novel can be called a chapter) and I've started blocking out the third story in my trilogy of magical house stories.

The first story was Coventry House that took place in England and has been published numerous times. The second story, Yew Manor, takes place outside of Columbus, Ohio and is easily available through

The third and final story has the working title of Silvanus House and would you like to see the opening paragraphs?

Of course you would. Enjoy:

Silvanus House has a will and Silvanus House has a way.

It also has rooms and halls and doors and age, but one thing the Silvanus House does not have are ghosts.

What it does have are memories and yet, in the early morning hours, I sometimes wonder if ghosts and memories may simply be the same.

And the house is filled with memories. So much so, we who live within these walls feel Silvanus House must be timeless with reminiscence. Yet, that cannot be so. County records show it was built in 1846 by Merrill DuBois.

I am the founder's great grandson and the people in the village below call me the master of Silvanus House.

This is not true. Silvanus House answers to a greater Master than I.

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