literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

An Amazing Physical Feat and Thoughts on Any Impending Apocalypse

If you ever wondered if I could walk one mile in 14 minutes in -2 degree weather, the answer is an amazing yes.

In other news, I am without a car today.

But the traumatic misery of that little trek has now been stored away in my memory and will someday find itself in one of my fictional endeavors ... or come out as a violent PTSD incident.

However, in the light of my amazing accomplishment, I can now say, “Bring on the Apocalypse! Come at me, bro!”

As long as it’s not a zombie apocalypse. I do not give myself airs. Three days into the zombie apocalypse, I’ll be scrabbling at your door moaning for your brains. Or maybe something worse …

“Minerva! I just shot our neighbor!”

“Oh, poor Mr. Loewen. He was a zombie?”

“Nah. He looked downright healthy to me.”
Yeah, yeah. I stole that from The Simpsons. So shoot me.

Wait! Wait! Wrong choice of words there.
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