literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Project Status

Okay. Today, my official NaNoWriMo count is 10,069 which is just a tad over the 9,996 words we should have accomplished today.

Tomorrow's count is 11,662.

In other news, White Rose just killed Isabella in battle. And the big battle in Doll Wars has yet to happen. Want to see the rough draft (and since I am writing as fast as I can with a noose around the neck of my Inner Critic this is as rough as it gets)?

White Rose and Isabella are animated dolls that stand about 4 feet tall. NOT FOR THE KIDDIES!

Isabella stood before the barricaded door and laughed at the humans’ vain attempts to protect themselves. “Come out, come out topolini.” She giggled and taking the point of her sword drove it easily through the door.

A blast of white light sent her flying down the hallway.

Furious, she jumped to her feet, her sword at ready. White Rose stood at the other end of the hallway, her hands glowing with power.

“Isabella,” she said silkily. “Imagine meeting you here. Let’s see how you do when you have an opponent who can actually fight back.”

Isabella laughed. “White Rose. Masterless. The Black Queen told me De Luca begged for his life like a child.”

White Rose shook her head. “You can lie all you want. And now, you can go to oblivion.”

“With what?” Isabella sneered. “Your little tiny blasts. All they can do is push. Guard yourself. I come to you with your passage into nothingness.”

White Rose put up her hands and sent another blast toward Isabella, but as she stood prepared for it, allowed it to strike without much effect.

“I will cut you to shreds,” Isabella said as she cut the air with her sword. “I will burn your parts to ash and leave them here in Battleground never to be found.”

With a battle cry, Isabella charged and White Rose stood her ground. At the last moment, White Rose put up her forearm as Isabella brought her sword down. The sword caught White Rose on the wrist and sliced through it, the hand flying off. In desperation, White Rose trapped Isabella’s head in the crook of the elbow of her maimed hand and with her other hand, covered Isabella’s mouth.

Isabella, her eyes red with rage, discovered her opponent too close to deliver an effective slice when suddenly her eyes grew large with surprise and then terror.

Muffled gagging sounds came from her mouth that White Rose had covered with her free hand. Dropping her sword that vanished into smoke the moment she let go, she tried ineffectively to beat her fists against her enemy who clung to her with tenacious strength.

They rolled down the hallway when a shout came from downstairs. “Isabella? What is taking you so long?”

Paolo Constantino came to the foot of the stairs to see his companion in an embrace with White Rose. With a cry of alarm, he raced up the stairs and tripped over the debris of the credenza.

In horror, he looked up in time to see cracks appear in Isabella’s body and then shatter apart in a mound of greenery studded with white roses.

White Rose staggered to her feet and allowed the rose bush she had conjured inside her opponent’s body to dissipate.

Cursing and weeping, Constantino crawled up the stairs. Gathering the shattered remains of his companion in his arms, he turned to White Rose and blubbered curses in Italian.

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