literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

Book Review List

I have recently read and reviewed Donna Farley’s excellent YA novel, Bearing the Saint, and my review is already up at and now that I have a replacement Kindle, I am back on schedule.

In no particular order, after I complete reading the book I am reading now for entertainment, the list of books I am reviewing are (not in order)

  1. In the Grip of Prayer, by Terry MaGee
  2. Lancelot: Knight of the Heart, by Donald Gow
  3. Advent, by Donald Francis
  4. Developing a Forgiving Spirit: A Story of Conditional Life and Unconditional Love, by Joel Everhart
  5. Junior, by Ray Donley
  6. Rollerman, by D. F. Huettner
  7. Before the Apocalypse: The Jonah Factor, by Kepler Nigh
  8. Bunker, by J. M. Rawbone
  9. Eddy's Current, by Reed Sprague

I’m sure there are others hiding about, but there’s the list and until it is decimated, I will not be doing any book reviews until this list is cleared.

I have no problem with being solicited for reviews, but I refuse reimbursement of any type and the author takes the risk of receiving a bad review as I review books for the reader's sake, not the writer's.

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