literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

Current News

Met with professionals last night concerning my children's novella, The Seven Sisters. After a lot of serious talk well seasoned with laughter, I have decided to delay its publication due to a need for a massive rewrite of certain portions of the story. The novella will be published when it is ready.

Work on Slenderman, my pulp/horror novella continues. Having confirmed the character is solidly in the public domain, I try to work on it constantly.

I have also started work on my nonfiction work on The Law of Focus, a self-help book based more on reality and solid psychological principles instead of feel-good platitudes.

The commitment to release 12 literary works in 2013 is still a feasible goal. However, due to how I work, all 12 may be released in December 2013 and not before.

To the work!
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