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The Challenge of 2013

During the last ten years, I've noticed a phenomenon I call "time dilation." What this means is that the older I get, the faster time subjectively seems to flow. When I was a young child, the summer months used to last for years, but now in my sixth decade of life an entire year can go by as quick as a whisper.

Also, the older I get the more conscious I have become of my own mortality and I find myself considering the makeup of the legacy I will someday leave behind. Now, do not misunderstand. I have been blessed with a very fruitful life. I have a wonderful wife, three incredible kids, my extended family and intimate circle of friends is more gracious and loving than I deserve, and I work at a job that is rewarding both spiritually and relationally and gives a wonderful purpose to my life.

However, there are still some goals that are left unreached, one of them is being known as an imaginative writer of the fantastic.

My dilemma—and those who will know me intimately know this is a major character flaw—is that my focus is continually distracted by the many interests I have and the many irons I always seem to have in the fire. The reality is that I can do anything I want with my life, but I can't do everything I want in my life and now in my 58th year I have to focus more and more on what is truly important to me.

Therefore, I would like to make an announcement that will allow me to hyperfocus on a very specific and important goal that will affect me, my family, and you who are fans of my writing.

In the year 2013 I am now setting a goal of self-publishing 12 literary works: novels, novellas, collections of short stories, collections of essays, and works of nonfiction. They will range from children's fantasy to adult horror to hard science fiction. The essays and nonfiction works will center on my own interests: Christianity, mental health, and my ongoing study of personal effectiveness.

My motive in stating this publicly has nothing to do with arrogance or bravado, but public accountability that will motivate me to reach this goal.

And this goal can easily be reached.

In my "slush pile" I have approximately 30 unfinished works. Out of that number, it is not unreasonable for me to complete the 12 literary works I desire to release for 2013. The challenge is either bringing 12 of them to completion or allowing the "tyranny of the urgent" distract me and waste another year in moving toward a dearly desired life goal.

How can you help me?

It's very simple: allow me to entertain you.

And if I succeed in entertaining you, please tell those in your circle of influence.

Like my author page on Give honest reviews of my work which means if you think it's great, voice your opinion. If you think my work is awful, you owe it to your circle of influence to warn them off. I am grateful for any review as long as it is honest and constructive.

So, ladies and gentlemen, for my first feat of prestidigitation, I will be releasing my children's fantasy novella, The Seven Sisters by January 31.

And for 2013, prepare to be delighted and amazed at my triumph or be horrified and amazed at my failure. :-)

Personally, I think it's going to be a delightful ride so jump on in and come along. I promise that even the scary bits will be fun.

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