literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

Some of My Favorite Horror Stories

My subjective definition of horror: A well-crafted tale meant to inspire in its reader a sense of otherworldly, subtle, and disquieting awe, suspense, and apprehension.

  1. Algernon Blackwood - The Willows
  2. Arthur Machen - The Three Imposters; The Great God Pan; The White People
  3. Bram Stoker - Dracula; The Burial of the Rats
  4. Charles Williams - All Hallows' Eve
  5. Dean Koontz - Phantoms
  6. H. P. Lovecraft - The Call of Cthulhu; The Dunwich Horror; At the Mountains of Madness; The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
  7. Peter Straub - Floating Dragon; Ghost Story
  8. Richard Forsythe - Bishop's Landing
  9. Robert E. Howard - Pigeons from Hell
  10. Henry Kuttner - Graveyard Rats
  11. Sarban - Ringstones
  12. Stephen King - It; The Stand; From A Buick 8
  13. Thomas Ligotti - Collected Stories
  14. William Hope Hodgson - The House on the Borderland
Stories that have their titles bolded are, in my opinion, not suitable for children.
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