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Seven Questions From The Horse - Kimberli Reneé Campbell

Kimberli Reneé Campbell lives in the Midwest with her husband and two boys (13 years apart).

The Lord gave Kimberli a desire to pursue the arts at an early age. She has performed, directed, and choreographed several dramas in church. In her early forties, she fulfilled a childhood dream and enrolled in dance classes. Kimberli began writing over 10 years ago while working as a file clerk, jotting notes and ideas on scratch paper and napkins.

1) Have you always wanted to be an author?

No. I wanted to go to Hollywood and make movies. (If you're reading this, Mr. Steven Spielberg, call me.)

The Lord opened up opportunities for me to grow as an actress through church dramas. Being a character actress has in fact helped me become a better writer. It has taught me how to dig deep into the characters I'm bringing to life through words as I had to do with a character on stage.

2) What makes the Shayia's Adventure series special to you?

It's our story. We are Shayia. He's a young boy who battles evil, wielding a sword. I know it's been done before - a lot. But, Shayia's sword is unique. It's powered by the Word of God. Bible verses actually appear on the blade. Shayia faces huge obstacles and sometimes he fails. Just like we do. He uses scripture to help him get back on track. We as believers do the same. Reading his story encourages me to keep pressing on no matter what comes my way. Giving all the glory to God. That's why it's special to me.

3) What's your goal as an author? Recognition, fame and fortune...

I have daily goals.

  1. Write and keep writing until the Lord wants me to do something else.
  2. Type the first word of a story.
  3. Type "The End".
  4. A united goal authors share whether we became famous or not - captivate our readers.

4) Describe one creature from the Shayia's Adventures series. Would it make a good pet?

The amazing Draga are the first creatures to appear. Are they cuddly and adorable? No. They are the opposite. They are giant fire breathing, crow-like creatures with scary red eyes. Their talons are large enough to carry a human with ease.

I think I'd pass on having one as a pet. On the other hand, I don't like to drive so I change my mind. I can picture myself riding on one to the grocery store or picking up my son from school. Its name shall be...George.

5) Why is this series good for young readers?

There are so many fabulous books on the market for young readers. However, some are too challenging and overwhelming for children that struggle with reading. Our precious young readers should not have to miss out on the joy of getting wept away into a story. The Shayia's Adventures series is designed to help and encourage them. The books are packed full of suspense and fun, but are easy to read. After completing the books, my prayer is that young readers will challenge themselves to try others books a little more difficult.

6) The Sword of Light is the first book of the series, followed by Redemption - What's next?

The third book in the series doesn't have a title at the moment. Shayia faces some fierce creatures in books one and two. Book Three is far more challenging and he doesn't fair too well against one sharp fanged beast. That's all I'll say about that. :) When writing this book, I laughed, held my breath, and cried. Forgiveness pushes this story. It's something we all deal with no matter how old we are. It would make a great Bible study (not because of me, but God's message). I can't wait to get it into the hands of young readers.

7) Where can we find you?

You can drop by my blog and/or Twitter (@kcampbellauthor) and give me a shout.

Visit Amazon. Don't forget to check out my author's page.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to visit!!</kimberli>

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