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On June 20th I am doing a special blog article on the Prometheus film starring everybody on this list who have actually seen the film. The task is to rewrite the plot of the film within the boundaries of your favorite genre (thriller, romance, slice-of-life, SF, fantasy, horror, whatever), your voice, and your perspective.

Here's how it works:

1) Describe how you would rewrite Prometheus in 200 words or less.
2) Send me a link to a picture of you. I will be linking to it directly!
3) Send me the url of where my readers can go to learn more about you.
4) Send EVERYTHING to magic.by.alan AT gmail.com
5) Send it to me on or before June 19th.
5) Link to your wisdom on your social media (blog, Twitter, FB, etc.)

No, you do NOT need to be a published author at this time. However, you must have seen the film (or be able to lie very, very convincingly).