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Seven Questions for the Horse - Keven Newsome

1) Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in south Mississippi, a country boy with the heart of a nerd. I devoured books until I decided to write for myself. Now I only seem to have time to munch on them. I’m currently a graduate student at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I’ll graduate next year with a MA in Theology, and I plan to go directly into the PhD program and to pick up a second MA in Biblical Studies. I’ve been married to my best friend for thirteen years and I have two children ages eight and five. I’m also a classically trained trombonist, ranked twelfth in the state right out of high school, though I’m way out of practice now. My first degree was in Music Education and I spent a couple of years as a band director. I can play with reasonable proficiency about fifteen instruments. But when it comes to music, I would much rather compose.

2) Your debut novel is called Winter. Tell us more about the title character.

Winter is a Goth girl with the gift of prophecy. At least she is in the college timeline. The story is told in two tandem timelines, one about her college experience the other about her high school experience. In the high school experience, we see her decline in the Goth subculture, experimentation with the occult, and her dealing with the slow death of her mother. In college, she’s a new Christian with an unusual gift.

Winter doesn’t care what others think of her. She strong-headed, blunt, and often rude. But she knows where her faults are and she’s trying to do better. She recognizes that she’s a work in progress, but at the same time she never apologizes for being herself.

3) What can fans of Winter look forward to in the near future?

Where to start! Winter fans can look forward to a great deal of things. Coming this summer, we’ll be releasing the audio book, performed by the very talented Lindsay Zana. This is more than just a reading, but it’s an actual performance! Lindsay does a great job changing voices for each character, bringing the personalities to life. We’re also including subtle sound effects, like a telephone effect when people are on the other end of a phone conversation and some great echo effects for the supernatural moments Winter experiences. In addition, we’ve included some soundtrack music in the background at a few key places. It’s nothing distracting or overpowering…just enough to help set the emotional mood.

Coming November 2012 is Winter 2! No, that’s not the title. I haven’t released the title yet. If you thought Winter was explosive at the end, just wait. The second book STARTS that way.

Winter is the first of a four book series. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for me to write it all. But they’re coming, I promise. And all your questions will be answered.

In the meantime, check out the deleted scene from Winter called “Summer Snaps.” You can find it in the Splashdown anthology Aquasynthesis.

4) Tell us about Among Dragons. What is this project about?</b>

Among Dragons is an unpublished novel of mine that is seeing new life through Diminished Media Group. It’s been contracted to run as a serial in Digital Dragon Magazine for a season, and then it will have a print run through DMG.

Among Dragons is a fantasy novel where three friends are given the task to spread a message of repentance to the people. Destruction is promised if things don’t change. In this world, spiritual things take on a physical presence. Fleshly desire takes the form of magical power. Spiritual beings walk among the people in the form of dragons. It’s an epic story that has a truly world-changing end.

5) Is Among Dragons your second novel?

Among Dragons was actually the first novel I ever completed. It was my practice novel, though I thought it was really hot-snot at the time. Now, I know it was awful. I learned a lot about writing and about the writing industry through working on this novel. Thanks to DMG I now have that excuse to rewrite it into what it should have been to begin with. Many people see me as a Christian horror/thriller writer because of Winter. But fantasy was and still is my first love. Finally releasing Among Dragons gives me the opportunity to share that with my fans. It still has a horror/thriller edge to it, though.

6) Is Among Dragons a stand alone or will there be more?

Among Dragons has a history to it. In high school I started writing a fantasy trilogy. I think I completed a good seventy-five pages of hand written teen fantasy drama. And this initial writing had absolutely no faith element to it. In college, I agonized over wanting to write fantasy but also wanting to write it to glorify God. I have Frank Peretti to thank for lighting that path. After college I thought about going back to that trilogy, but decided some sort of prequel was in order. That prequel became Among Dragons. Will there be more? Well…there’s still that trilogy to write. I even started it again once…just before a Goth girl named Winter took over.

7) Where else can someone find your writing?

You can find me blogging regularly at my website and at The Cheesecake Thickens..

My only complete novel is Winter, can be purchased anywhere books are sold…well, it can be ordered anywhere books are sold. You can find three of my short stories, one of which is a deleted scene from Winter, in Aquasynthesis, a short story anthology by Splashdown Books. Among Dragons will appear in monthly installments in Digital Dragon Magazine. After each issue, episodes are chronicled on my website. And for the super curious, I have a critical essay published at TheOneRing under the pen name Oliver King. I also have numerous projects in the oven, so I hope to have some more out soon!

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