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Seven Questions for the Horse - Nick G. Giannaras

1) Tell us about yourself?

My name is Nick G. Giannaras. I am a practicing chiropractor in Gastonia, NC for the past 15 years. I love Jesus and the opportunities he gives me to reach others either through work, through words, or however He sees fit. I enjoy messing around on the computer creating music, playing with my three kids, doing tabletop war games, painting miniatures, hunting, fishing, *whew*, and probably some more stuff.

2) Why do you write?

If an author says “to make millions”, he/she is in the wrong business. For me, God lit a fire in me six years ago and I haven’t stopped yet. Although my first draft of my first novel was secular, it hasn’t been the same since. I am tired of junk stories out there that do not give our youth any promise, any hope, and instill lies in their lives. There is too much crap being poured into them on a daily basis, from family, friends, school, TV, music, and books. Therefore, the genre of YA and my voice was a perfect fit. I write with a purpose: to hopefully be a tool for giving folks hope and encouragement where it may not exist. If my stories entertain, great, fantastic. If my stories bring someone to know Jesus through my words, even better!

3) What is your view of how Christian views are portrayed in current speculative fiction?

Hmm. I love the authors who are not afraid to write about certain topics, weaving God’s message in the story with flare. Not all people will read fantasy, not all will read sci-fi, not all admire werewolves and vampires. But those who write on these different topics and are able to instill a positive message on God’s teachings, I think that is cool. I dislike the stiff-collared believers who immediately turn down stories that are not “Little House on the Prairie”, judging the talented writing as “not Christian.” Having such a close-minded view is probably preventing a bunch of awesome novels from reaching the shelves, and many people from being touched.

4) What have you written so far and why?

My first two books are part of a fantasy series called The Relics of Nanthara. The first book, Secrets Revealed, and book 2, Sacrifice of Heroes are available as e-books with Secrets Revealed getting ready to be available in print at the end of April 2012. Book 3, Dawn of the Apocalypse is being prepared for release in August 2012. Why? Believe it or not, the story (at least the meat and taters of it) came from an old Dungeons & Dragons game I ran years ago. Yes, I played. Several years after I quit, I kept thinking and saying the storyline would make a great book. God thought the same thing!

5) Who is your favorite character and why?

This one is easy: Azin Sildanel, an Alkanien assassin. To keep matters simple, Alkani are kin to Elves, cousins if you will. Azin, Azin, Azin. This character keeps the story alive, entertaining, unpredictable, hilarious, and controversial. His interaction with the other party members is what makes things interesting; you just don’t know what is going to happen next. When you think you’ve anticipated an outcome or what Azin is up to, he shows up doing something different. His harsh background filled with heartache and grief twisted him into a bitter person, sometimes taking his frustrations out on others. He seeks out a destructive lifestyle in hopes of not hurting anymore. But Azin has a heart, one that desires acceptance and love, and it shows in his interaction with the group and the friendships he establishes. Last, but not least, he is most deadly in battle. Read my stories and you will find out.

6) What are your future projects and/or sequels?

As of now, my editor is working on Book 3, Dawn of the Apocalypse. I have also submitted my first sci-fi novel, The Nuclear Fist Chronicles: Darksoul. This series will have future installments following a teen who had it all, then lost it when life turned on him. A freak accident turned this wealthy academic athlete into an outcast with power. Go to The Nuclear Fist Chronicles and check it out.

I am currently writing book 2 on a planned fantasy trilogy called The Trident Chronicles. Book 1 is Sons of the Trident, the second novel is titled Revenge of the Darkwitch, and the third planned story is A Forlorn Hope.

There is also a historical fiction set in the American Civil War I’ve partly written, and two other books set in my fantasy world of Nanthara I have already delved into with a new idea already scribbled in my notes.

7) Any advice for new authors?

Simple: Do…not…give…up! Before my first novel was accepted, I received close to one hundred rejections from agents and publishing houses, numerous rewrites, and negativity from sources you would not think. Whether it is several sentences or chapters, keep writing daily. The more you write, the better your skills develop. Be willing to accept critique, knowledge, and advice from others versed in writing. And above all, persevere. Have faith in what you are doing. God instilled talents in you that should not be wasted, and you never know how your words will touch the lives of others.


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