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Important Developments

In preparation for being the Guest of Honor at Morphicon in May of next year, I have been asked to prepare an 8000-word story to be published in eight installments in their monthly newsletter. My goal is to have each segment finished at the end of each month beginning now, and not only will it be published in their newsletter, but for those who have a LiveJournal account, they will be able to read it here as it is published.

However, I would ask a favor and that is that as it is published here that readers critique the manuscript for errors, grammatical mistakes, and other problems. My goal is to have the first installment here on the 22nd and after receiving critiques and doing a rewrite, to mail the installment to them on the last day of each month. please remember that only people with a LiveJournal account will be able to read the installments.

At the same time, I mostly tackling my first nonfiction book. I will not be posting selections of that book here, but my goal is to have it ready for publication by January 15, 2012 and I hope to have the manuscript being looked at by agents by the 30th of that month.

I'm also still in the process of editing The Adventures of Jill Noir. The agent I had sent the first two chapters has refused to contact me after several months and to polite e-mails so I am simply going to drop her from the list and begin the search for other interested agents.

Until the three goals have been reached, I will not be writing any more short stories or submitting them to interested markets.

Wish me luck, and good luck on your own projects. Keep checking back here for updates and progress reports.

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