literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

What Fuels Your Passion To Write?

I was asked this through my editor Karina Fabian by a reviewer of Infinite Space, Infinite God, II and it was an easy answer to write. In fact, I wrote an entire essay on it that I may one day post here. However, in a nutshell, here is my response:

What Fuels Your Passion To Write?

For years I have been an entertainer, first as a stage magician, then as a stage actor, and now, in this season of my life, as a writer. Through all of this, I have taken great delight in creating worlds of my own making and sharing it with others—to safely and courteously be a talented tour guide as I lead my audience through equal parts of wonder and danger (And who is to say they are not one and the same?)—and then hear the words, “Well done,” and Thank you.”
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