literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

Are You an Author Looking for a Market?

Here are 52 new markets that recently crossed my desk.

Just because it is listed does not mean I approve of it. Surf responsibly. Caveat emptor.

  1. will publish anything that strikes their fancy.
  2. : Appalachian Folklore: Dark Tales of Superstition and Old Wives’ Tales
  3. : literary
  4. : literary (and a very attractive webpage IMHO)
  5. is an anthology of West Coast poetry and prose, both fiction and nonfiction
  6. : literary
  7. : pretentious literary (yeah, my attitude is showing)
  8. : more pretentious literary
  9. : dark noir
  10. : literary horror, site not family safe
  11. publishes works of literary fiction, metafiction, poetry, postmodern, abstract, and avant-garde writing
  12. : literary
  13. : pro-ecology/green literary
  14. will publish anything that strikes their fancy.
  15. : literary
  16. : anything to do with cats
  17. : literary
  18. : VERY pretentious literary
  19. : genre book publisher, but does not like religion
  20. : any speculative fiction that strikes their fancy.
  21. : the ULTIMATE zombie story publisher
  22. : literary
  23. : I don't have a clue what these people want.
  24. : dark fantasy novels and stories
  25. : literary
  26. : pulp stories with Mormon heroes?
  27. : offbeat or humorous poetry
  28. : science fiction
  29. : they want to publish your stuff and not pay you
  30. : something about movies; too obtuse to understand: poorly designed website
  31. : flash fiction and short poetry
  32. : showcase authors
  33. : YA spec fic
  34. : doesn't know exactly what it wants, but will know it when they get it.
  35. will publish anything that strikes their fancy.
  36. : stories that ARE ONLY SIX WORDS LONG.
  37. want children's stories
  38. : literary
  39. : literary
  40. : literary
  41. : literary novels and short stories
  42. : so "very" literary
  43. : literary
  44. will publish anything that strikes their fancy.
  45. want SF and horror
  46. want horror and dark fantasy short stories. novellas and novels
  47. are open to almost anything
  48. want stuff about Baltimore, Maryland
  49. will publish anything that strikes their fancy.
  50. : I have absolutely no idea what these people want.
  51. : want stories about fashion and the fashion industry
  52. wants Lovecraft/Cthulhu Mythos-oriented tales

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