literary_equine (literary_equine) wrote,

Lulu Is Having A Sale On My Book!?!?

This caught me by surprise. Lulu just informed me they are having a sale on my anthology The Substance of Things Hoped For and Other Tales:

  1. Go to my book page on Here is an elegant and finely crafted link for your assistance:

    Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

  2. Click "Buy" and enter code "LULUBOOK" at checkout.
  3. You will save 10% off your purchase.

Want to know more about the anthology and what opther people have said about it? Go here.

Here's the legalese:

* Disclaimer: Enter coupon code "LULUBOOK" during checkout and save 10% off the purchase price. Discount cannot be used to pay for, nor shall be applied to, applicable taxes or shipping and handling charges. Maximum amount that may be applied to discount is $10.00 or less. Promotional codes cannot be applied to any previous orders. No exchanges or substitutions allowed. Only one valid promotional code may be used per order. Offer expires September 30, 2009 at 11:59 PM EDT. reserves the right to change or revoke this offer at any time. Void where prohibited.

Copyright (C) 2002-2009 Lulu, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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