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Announcing the Release of The Substance of Things Hoped For

The Substance of Things Hoped For and Other Tales is an anthology of twelve poems and stories, seven of them seeing publication for the first time.

  1. The Substance of Things Hoped For
  2. Death Comes Calling
  3. The Wizard and the Poet
  4. Night Mares
  5. Through The Black Andes
  6. Alice Remembers the White Knight
  7. The Star
  8. The Airship
  9. Adrift Off the Great Red Spot, 22°51’23.14”S, 98°49’24.40”W
  10. The Rules of Magic
  11. Festival of Masks
  12. Coventry House

From the storm-wracked clouds of Jupiter to a medieval England that has never been, these stories will transport you to times and places with tales of humor, mystery, and enchantment.

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Praise for The Substance of Things Hoped For and Other Tales

I can highly recommend this chapbook by Alan Loewen. It is a delightful miscellany that will appeal to a broad variety of readers. Among my personal favorites are the short stories Death Comes Calling, with its neat, humorous twist, The Star, with its simple message of faith, The Rules of Magic, with its witty, unexpected plot development, the ingenious Festival of Masks, and the admirably inclusive Coventry House. As with all good short stories, there are no wasted words: the text is succinct and forceful. This book is a pleasure to read. ~ Robina Williams, author of the Quantum Cat series.

Alan Loewen believes in magic, and I'm not talking about the dark, Gothic stuff that gets spelled with a "k" at the end. I mean he believes in real magic, the kind that makes us look at the world and feel that sense of wonder we had when we were young. You can call it magic, fantasy, or myth, but it's based on the very cornerstone of his work: hope. Alan Loewen is handing out hope, and we're all the better for it if we grab some." - Donald Francis, author of Advent

Alan Loewen transports his readers into new worlds oddly familiar, yet full of surprises. Loewen is a magician with words. His stories always entertain and, when you least expect, take you by surprise. ~ Lynne Nave, Executive Editor; Stony Run Publishing Company

Alan Loewen's characters are unique and so are the twists each one takes in these stories.  A good read!  ~ Emily Chase, author of Help! My Family's Messed Up!

Wow, just wow! Loewen’s writing transports one to other worlds, worlds intricately woven of word and phrase, and leaves you wanting to explore further. ~ Teresa Ford, editor of Ethereal Tales

Captures the imagination, then sends it flying ... will sometimes stop you in your tracks, yet other times will cause you to step out to follow the tracks of others through time and realm alike. ~ Cynthia A. Conley, Independent Research & Freelance Writing Services

Praise for Mask of the Ferret and Dyads

Alan Loewen and Ken Pick have an incredible knack for weaving in details while keeping the stories flowing. Their science fiction stories will hold you in thrall to the last word. ~ Karina Fabian, editor, Infinite Space, Infinite God I and II

This book was not made in a vacuum. I stand on the shoulders of many friends and family members who encouraged and supported me, and special thanks go to Thom Ryng ( thomryng here on LiveJournal) for his invaluable editing and layout help and experience, and the very talented Megan Giles (dustmeat here on LiveJournal) for her gracious permission to use her artwork on the book cover.

Thank you to all for your support and encouragement.

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