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The Writing Life: An Update

Due to circumstances that have denied me a book to promote at CapClave, I have made some rather rapid decisions and have asked a number of people for assistance.

At the reading, I will be reading from Dyads, which is to be published in Infinite Space, Infinite God, II on April 10th of next year. Not the best choice because it is co-written with Ken Pick, so though there's a lot of Craig Loewen in the story, it has a lot of the Ken Pick magic that places it squarely in a cosmos you can almost touch. My stories touch the heart while Ken puts you in a literary world you can actually smell the grease and the sweat.

For the book signing, I have thrown together a chapbook consisting mostly of published small stories that I still retain the rights to and will publish it through

Thom Ryng, an author and publisher, very kindly helped me turn my Word file into a .pdf file for Lulu and the result was amazing. I'm telling you that I want to sit at this man's feet and take a .pdf course. He did simple things that made the manuscript magic.

I have asked several authors/publishers whom I know personally for their endorsement of the work and write me a promotional blurb for the back cover, and they are slowly trickling in. However, my integrity demanded that they know what their name was being attached to, so I sent them a copy of the cover and the manuscript as some might take umbrage at the graphic (the unicorn lady represents the main character from the title story and though tasteful and clean (IMHO) it is obvious she is not wearing clothes). Also, some of the authors may not necessarily share my Christian world view and though the chapbook is not religious, three of the stories do show historical Christianity in a positive light which in some circles can be anathema to a career (breaks my heart to write that, but I have to embrace reality).

The cover, by the bye, is drawn by the incredibly talented Megan Giles and I'm honored and grateful beyond words that she would allow me to use her work.

So, the deadline for CapClave approaches. Will I make it? I didn't know the writing life could be so exciting. ;-)

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