March 31st, 2018


Welcome to the Home of the Literary Equine


This is the professional and public journal of author Craig Alan Loewen who writes under the names C. Alan Loewen or Alan Loewen or Stephen King.

No. Wait. Sorry. Scratch that last name.

My purpose in writing is to entertain and I trust my journal will do the same. My intentions are not only to promote my work, but share with you the adventures and misadventures of a man who sincerely desires writing to be an important and major part of his life. I would encourage you to "friend" the journal and come along. The road will sometimes be bumpy and a little lunatic, but I trust it will be ... interesting.

Also, I'm what is known as a parlor magician so I post a lot about that as well.

So settle back with a nice icy mug of ginger beer and read on. You may want to visit here first and read my bibliography.


In light of recent developments in the publishing community, I can affirm that no review of my work anywhere on the Internet has been paid for, nor have I ever received payment for a book review that I myself have done.

I also affirm I have never solicited the removal of a negative review concerning my work, nor have I ever discouraged a reviewer from giving a negative review of my work.

Also, all interviews listed on this blog contain questions developed with the interviewee so the interview is relevant and asks questions pertinent to what the interviewee wishes to communicate. You the readers are still left with the hard work of subjectively determining whether their works are
worthy of purchase through reading other reviews and writing samples.