July 21st, 2014


Doll Wars Progress

(sigh) Struggling with the Doll Wars manuscript. I have 8,514 words in this third rewrite. I'm not even one fifth of the way through yet.

Changes I have made:
  • The dolls form their weapons through singing. So far, I've only reveled two weapons and both of them controlled by evil dolls: La Regina Nera (The Black Queen) sings bright crystals into shape and propels them like bullets. Isabella sings swords of solidified smoke into existence. So far, I have not revealed the weapons the other dolls use in combat.
  • I have dramatically reduced the cast. The bad guys (and their companions) are:
  • Domenico Lorenzini (La Regina Nera aka The Black Queen)
  • Paolo Constantino (Isabella)
  • François Dumont (Meryle)
  • Joseph Boehm (Iolanthe)
  • For the good guys, I have:
  • Aldo de Luca (Rosa Bianca aka White Rose)
  • Brother Arthur (Gwendolen)
  • Sáva Moravec (Linnet)
  • Tristan Fontaine (Isolte)
  • I still bring back the cast from the first two stories: In the Father's Image and Rowan Dreaming and they all play important roles in Doll Wars.
I march on! Wish me luck.