November 18th, 2013


Making A Writing Decision


I have been very faithful in working toward the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words, but have encountered a serious problem.

Doll Wars spans 300 years and it has a cast of almost 20 characters and a magic system that is deliberately unpredictable. My goal for this story is ultimately it will be the third part of a quartet of stories that will be bundled together as a braided novel.

And the story has gone completely out of control.

Because I want to truly publish the Doll Wars collection, I need to step back, redo the titular story with fewer characters, create a reference calendar (some of the characters are over two hundred years old and they refer to common events that occurred over a span of three centuries!). I need to create bios for the characters and description sheets. Even though the magic system is deliberately unpredictable, there must be some rules so I have to sketch out a grimoire.

NaNoWriMo, I'm very sorry, but I have to leave you behind in a difficult decision. As my ultimate goal is that 50% of my annual income derives from my writing, please don't take it personal. It's just business.