August 6th, 2013


Works in Progress

Taking a breather from the normal chaos of my life, here is the status of my current writing projects:

1) Unnamed Magic House Collection:

Coventry House and Yew Manor are complete. The third story (Working title: Tyson Mansion) is still in the plotting stage.

2) Unnamed Ball-Jointed Doll fantasy Collection:

Dollmaker and In the Father's Image are completed. Another short story has been started and a novella is being planned.

3) Slenderman horror novella:

The first part is complete and is a stand-alone story that could be published by itself, but it makes more sense as a much longer story.

4) The Adventures of Jill Noir

A 140,000-word SF epic written with Ken Pick needs some final cleaning and some rewriting and its ready to be agented if we can find a professional agent willing to work with us. Two more books are planned in the series.