July 27th, 2013


Celebrate With Me!

This morning, I found the following email in my inbox from the editors of Morpheus Tales:

"Thank you very much for your submission, 'The Father's Image', which we really liked and would like to publish in the Morpheus Tales Presents Ethereal Tales Special Issue, due out later this year."

As the story takes place in London in 1961, I asked them to check it for cultural errors. Fortunately, they are going to make some changes to make the story more accurate to the time. As they wrote:

"You asked that we look out for cultural pointers, and the editor noticed a couple: in the UK I would say we refer to shops not stores. Also might want to change sidewalk to pavement."

I'm grateful they were willing to go the second mile for me. As idealistic as it may be, I strive for 100% accuracy in my stories even if they are fantasy.