January 14th, 2013


Current News

Met with professionals last night concerning my children's novella, The Seven Sisters. After a lot of serious talk well seasoned with laughter, I have decided to delay its publication due to a need for a massive rewrite of certain portions of the story. The novella will be published when it is ready.

Work on Slenderman, my pulp/horror novella continues. Having confirmed the character is solidly in the public domain, I try to work on it constantly.

I have also started work on my nonfiction work on The Law of Focus, a self-help book based more on reality and solid psychological principles instead of feel-good platitudes.

The commitment to release 12 literary works in 2013 is still a feasible goal. However, due to how I work, all 12 may be released in December 2013 and not before.

To the work!

Works in Progress

nbsp;           Working Title nbsp;                                      Type nbsp;              nbsp;           nbsp;         STATUS


Chronicles of the Old Dogs

pulp adventure nbsp;      

17,312 words


Dark Dreams & Darker Visions

short story collection nbsp;       

being compiled



fantasy novella nbsp;      

10,285 words



horror novella

3,150 words


Lord of All Futures

Dystopia SF novella

20,189 words



horror novella

11,559 words


The Adventures of Jill Noir, Book 1

1st novel of SF trilogy

final polish


The Annals of Doc John Foster

SF pulp adventure

3,100 words


The Law of Focus

nonfiction self-help

being outlined


The Seven Sisters

children's fantasy

being rewritten


The Tree

SF thriller

7,150 words


Yew Manor

Fantasy novel

11,085 words

These are the projected works that are planned to be released in 2013 and their current status. Current word counts are not the FINAL word counts. My novellas range from 30,000 to 50,000 words, my novels are anything over the 50,000 word limit.

This is the first time I have ever tried to post a table in LiveJournal. If it does not appear properly on your screen, please let me know.

ADDENDUM: the original word count on Slenderman was incorrect. It has since been corrected as of 1/19/2013.