December 6th, 2012


A Lord of All Futures Christmas Tale

A Lord of All Futures Christmas Tale
by Alan Loewen

(Author’s note: This story takes place in my as yet unpublished Lord of All Futures post-apocalyptic novel which describes the adventures of Brother Theodore and his bodyguard, Odell traveling on a mission to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They are accompanied by two young fugitives they meet along the way: Sarah, a hedge witch in exile, and Frost, a hunter accompanied by two large wolves. In the ruins of Harrisburg, the four rescue a little girl named Marl from two men who control several monstrous dogs. After her rescue, the adventurers discover that Marl, with her cat-like eyes and other feline features, is certainly something more or something less than human. The following story occurs after Marl’s rescue and three months before the flight from Harrisburg from strange men who will do anything to retrieve the mysterious girl-child.)

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