October 26th, 2012


Seven Questions From The Horse - Lawrence R. Berger

1) Who are you ?

My name is Lawrence R. Berger but I'm better known as "Laughing" Larry B. and I'm a salesman born bread and dead!

2) A salesman? I thought you were a poet?

Well , I have become a nationally renowned performance poet over the last sixteen years but then again there are only three things I can "sell" as a salesman: I can sell a product , I can sell a service,or I can sell some combination of a product and a service but that's pretty much it . However, I've always maintained that by definition Selling an Idea is the very job description of a poet! This realization changed my life!

3) You mentioned being a " Performance Poet" what is that?

There are all kinds of poetic styling but only two basic types of poets : you are either a page poet or a performance poet. The difference was best described to me by Otis O' Salamon of the Watts Prophets Performance Troupe when he said "Page Poets write on paper, Performance Poets write on the hearts of their listeners."

4) So do you ever put anything on paper?

Rarely. However, I've learned that books sell better than CD's so I put out a book called Instant Poetry (Just add words!). It's currently in its third edition and has sold 2,506 copies and counting . Plus eight from the publisher and twelve used copies through amazon at $53.65 each.

5) So how much is the book new ?

It's $8.95 of the shelf or $15.00 for a signed copy from me. If you can turnaround and sell the book for $53.63 that's a great return on investment and as the creator of the work I think I'm entitled to a cut don't you?

6) Even if all that's true how do we know the books a true reflection of your work?

With the exception of the poem known as my signature piece (titled bubble gum) I've pretty much stopped reading the poems in the book. Simple reason: If I'm going to read you my poems why should you buy the book? On the other hand, every poem in the book was written on stage and written in the book exactly as I performed them . I've reached a point were I can now justify getting paid $600 an hour for a set . I still use the Instant poetry (Just Add Words!) form and I still have crowds cheering. If I'm that good live how can it not be reflected in the book?

7) How can a book reflect a live show?

Well granted , I've been told for thirteen years now that the Live experience is needed to get the whole thing but I'm still only one person. contrary to popular belief I can't be everywhere. But I can ship books all over the globe. It's the next best thing to being at one of my events.

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