September 1st, 2012



My literary blog, Rambles of the Literary Equine, exists to promote my work, share my thoughts, and promote other authors, artists, editors, book reviewers, and publishers. Every Friday, I post an interview entitled, Seven Questions From The Horse.

If you fit into the categories listed below, I would be delighted to interview you. Here is what I’m looking for:

  • People who have product to SELL.
  • Please be aware I have a family-friendly blog. If you work with erotica or splatterpunk, I respectfully request you boldly approach other bloggers who would be eager to interview you.
  • As I write faith-based genre material, I do interview a lot of like-minded people. You are under no obligation to make faith statements of any type unless it truly applies to your work or you really want to. I signed the Treaty of Westphalia years ago. Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, and even Baptists are welcome to be interviewed (That last was a joke. Really. I like Baptists. ;-) and you may make faith statements without fear of censure unless I think they'll start a flame war. Normally, in an interview about your work, extreme statements of that type have no place there anyway.
  • In light of that, Atheists, agnostics, and skeptics are invited to be interviewed. I have read some incredible work by skeptics and my fave is H. P. Lovecraft, a materialist to the extreme. Yes, skeptics can request an interview.
  • You must provide a link where people can BUY YOUR STUFF.
  • ALL I ASK IN RETURN is that you link to your interview on your social media.

    And here’s the killer:

  • You have to write your own interview.

The gimmick is that I "ask" you seven questions. That's SEVEN, not 6 or 8. Just seven, I'm amazed how many interviewees read this and send me either three or nine.

However, as in past interviews I have had, I wish that there were questions that I HAD been asked, so I get around that by letting YOU come up with the questions.

If you want to know what your interview will look like and to get an idea about what questions you might want to ask yourself, here is a list of past interviews:

Odds and ends:

  • Remember, this is marketing. You want people to buy your books/art. I want people to buy your books/art.
  • Be interesting and intriguing. Accentuate your positives and what makes you stand apart from all the other writers/artists.
  • I do reserve the right to make subtle changes to your interview (grammatical corrections, reordering the question order).
  • Do not send me photos. I link to them off your own blogs.
  • DO send me links to where my readers can buy your stuff.
  • After the interview is posted, I WILL MAKE ANY CHANGES YOU WISH. I'm a nice guy to work with. Really.
  • And remember the purpose of all of this is to attract and keep loyal fans who WILL BUY YOUR STUFF.

Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Rebuttals? Accusations? Death threats?


Okay. Contact me at AT for a date, work on your interviews, and lets wow my readers making them hunger for your work.