June 17th, 2012


And A New Publishing Credit to My List

The March 2012 issue of Cover of Darkness has published my short short story, An Incident at a Carnival.

Due to growing pains there is some confusion about the status of the magazine as something you can actually hold, but it is available as an ebook at Smashwords.

An Incident at a Carnival is my first commercial foray in what might be called horror, but it is more the horror of the 1950's. Personally, I still prefer to call it dark fantasy.

Here's a sample:

“Please come inside. Sit down there across the table from me.

“My, my. What a pretty one you are!

“No, no, my dear. Don’t be concerned over a silly old lady like me. Sit! Sit!

“So you want to know the future? Maybe the past? Yes?

“Well, of course you already know the past! At least you think you do, but my cards have a way of helping you remember it.

“Ignore the noises of the carnival outside. Here it is just you and me.

“Now I will unwrap the cards and we shall begin.

“Yes, that’s real silk they are wrapped in. I’m not some carnival hack, not Madame Gianopoulos. I have dealt these cards for over seventy years.

“What? Why thank you. No, my child I don’t look ninety years old, do I?