April 24th, 2012


The Stories in Opal Wine

Opal Wine is my latest collction of short stories and it can be viewed and purchased here or here. A collection of my anthropomorphic-themed works, their creation is a story in itself:

THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR was my first published story. After 20+ years of collecting rejection slips, I one day bumped into the unicorn art of Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock and that was all the muse it needed. That Greywolf illustrated the story for me when it was published in PawPrints Fanzine (now, sadly, defunct) was the ultimate icing for the cake.

THE CLOCKWORK CAT was part of a series of children's stories I wrote for a small fanzine that published such things. It turned out to be the most popular children's work I've ever written.

SAWYER is a series of actual emails I sent to a friend who was feeling a little blue. To cheer her up, I sent an email every day telling the story of my attempts to genetically engineer a feline secretary. The story is available for free on Smashwords.

FOX HUNT is another story about a genetically engineered creature, this one a fox who breaks into a futuristic version of San Francisco.

FESTIVAL OF MASKS takes place in the Unicorn & Gryphon Pub where on the night of the full moon, the pub patrons experience a sort of reverse lycanthropy.

WILD CARROT is another story of shapeshifting, but with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

A FAIRY TALE is the story of a time in the near future when the worlds of fairy and human combine in time and space once again. The stry has been reprinted once as The Pookah and the Redcap.

MY PRETTY PONY was a dare that I write a story about My Little Pony ending the world (and this was well before MLP became famous on HUB TV). Ethereal Tales snapped it up and started a wonderful relationship with the magazine's editor.

STORYTELLER is dedicated to the editor of Ethereal Tales and appeared in their final issue.

LAIR OF THE WHITE RABBIT is an experimental story of vignettes. Using the model of Alice in Wonderland, I get to create some scenes from my very own version.

PICK’S MODEL is a satire on furry conventions where in an alternate universe, anthropomorphic animals pretend to be humans.

COVENTRY HOUSE is my seminal work. Available for $.99 on Smashwords, it is the novella I am best known for.