March 3rd, 2012


Seven Questions for the Horse - Donita K. Paul

1) Tell us about yourself.

  • I have written eight Christian fantasy novels for young adults, and numerous Christian romance novels, novellas, and short stories.
  • I love to teach. Although I’m retired, I fulfill that passion through speaking at conferences, leading writers’ groups, and tutoring my grandsons.
  • Reading is my favorite pastime. It’s wonderful to be a writer because I can read and count it as “work” or “research.”
  • My most important job is being a mother and mother-in-law to my brilliant offspring and their spouses, and to be a grandmother to my delightfully energetic grandsons.
2) How long have you been writing?

Since I was in Jr. High. Professionally I’ve been writing since 1996 when I became disabled and could no longer teach. The publishing world is changing. It’s a challenge to all of us to keep writing and try to identify the market, let alone be a part of it. I’ve stuck my toe in the water of e-books with Taming the Wild Wind. I used an old romance I’d written early on, editing it to include all I’ve learned since then. I can say that I have been writing long enough to see the upheaval of a new technology. I read recently of a woman who couldn’t wait to tell her grandchildren that she was born before there was an Internet. I think it will be fun to watch my grandsons drop their jaws in astonishment.

3) What was your first book?

My first book was a novel called Escape, which was published in 1999. There‘s a summary on my website here. Kathleen Paul was the penname I used for my early Christian romance writing. I’m hoping this book will disappear. I know so much more about my craft now, and the story was lame, just lame. I have no fears of winning the Nobel or the Pulitzer from that contribution to literature.

4) What authors and/or books have been your greatest source of inspiration?

I love Max Lucado’s writing. It challenges and encourages me. He’s a master storyteller.

5) What advice can you give to new writers?

  • Read! Read as much as you can, especially in the same genres you write in.
  • I always encourage writers to join a writers’ group. This will provide assistance with editing, critiques by fellow authors, and tips on publishing.
  • Keep persevering. Publishing a manuscript takes patience, determination, and an acceptance of critique.
6) What sequels to your books are in the works?

I’m finished with my Chronicles of Chiril and The DragonKeeper Chronicle series.

However, I would like to continue to write Christian fantasy. We are negotiating a contract with a different publisher, but I will be including dragons in the next series, although I am building a brand new fantasy world. I’ve been put in a niche. I’m the Dragon Lady. Which is fine, since I’m fond of my dragons.

7) Do you speak at conventions or writers' conferences? If so, where are you appearing next?

I was a teacher for a long time before I became a writer, and I’m blessed with opportunities to continue to mentor writers. I attend conferences whenever I’m able to.

My last appearance was at Galaxy Fest 2012 in Colorado Springs on February 24-26.

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A Great Quote on Christian Writing

“All life, high and low, sordid and noble, vile and pure, is the province of art. Surely if the Bible is to be our standard we must admit that nothing lay outside the province of the inspired writers. A Christian writer cannot be a significant writer if his vision does not include the whole of human life, the depths of depravity as well as the heights of aspiration.”

(James Wesley Ingles, from “The Christian Novel and Evangelical Dilemma”)

(Quote ignominiously stolen from here)