February 18th, 2012


Received a Nice Review From Author Robina Williams

Coventry House by Alan Loewen, published as an ebook on Smashwords:

Alan Loewen has written a fascinating story. The plot of Coventry House grips from the first page and concludes with an awe-inspiring dénouement--with a final twist. As to dramatis personae, there is a wonderful range of characters, some human, some part-human--Nephilim, the progeny of the pairing of fallen angels and human women--and, instrumental in the storyline though unseen, some angelic. The author brings his characters alive: they are so sharply delineated, so sympathetically drawn, that the reader sees them before his eyes, and really cares about them. These characters live. They provide, too, a fascinating blend of the old and the new, with ancient, supernatural creatures co-existing with modern humans in harmony and understanding.

I strongly recommend Coventry House. It has an exciting plot, features strongly drawn characters, and is, as always with Alan Loewen's fiction, beautifully written. It's a great read.

Reviewed by Robina Williams, author of the Quantum Cat series.