March 21st, 2011


Lancaster Christian Writers' Conference

I had an awesome time at the Lancaster Christian Writers' Conference and was delighted by the professionalism of all. My continual thought for the day was, Am I actually allowed to have this much fun?

My seminar went very well with a lot of group participation and I had the opportunity to talk to and encourage 6 authors about their manuscripts and potential markets.

Not only that, but my networking there may have kicked open a door that will certainly be nothing short of life changing, but though hopes are high, I will say nothing about it until it becomes a reality.

Now, back to writing short stories and novellas, submitting them to others, marketing, and waiting to get my hands on the rough draft of the first book of the trilogy The Adventures of Jill Noir from Ken Pick so I can start the penultimate editing run.

Life is good.

Write on! ;-)