March 8th, 2011


Book Review - BAM Advanced Fiction Techniques: First Pages, by Cyn Mobley

Cyn Mobley's second book in the Book A Month series is only 29 pages long and for the money one pays for it, I admit it's a little steep.

Yet, I posit that what you are getting is not quantity, but quality and therefore, as far as I am concerned, well worth the investment.

The advice Mobley gives in this book is important because when you submit your novel to an editor, most editors and those poor slobs hired to read through the publishing house's slush pile only read the first five pages.

And sometimes they only read the first page.

And I know of one company (ask me no questions, and I shall tell you no lies) that makes their decision just reading the first paragraph!

Unfair? Quite, but it's the reality that we as writers have to deal with. Mobley gives us some true, workable advice on how to keep that reader who holds our manuscript's life in their sweaty, greasy palms reading past the first paragraph, the first page, and the first chapter.

Now I hope she gets Mobley gets her rear in gear for the next book in the series.

I'm waiting.

(And if she's reading this, may I ask that at some point you write one of the books in this series on the pros and cons of agents and if necessary, how do you actually get a good one?)