February 17th, 2011


Complete, Total, Utter Bilge (And I Show You a Better Way)

This was sent to me as a guide for success in life and I have posted it exactly as it came to me, typos and all.

Allow me to assure you that this is almost completely, Grade-A, 90%, USDA-approved crap. Take a gander and than I'll tell you why after the cut.

One caveat. The lines that are made bold are ones that I agree with (though for one entry I would have been much more tactful).

by Daniel Travolto

Specific Goal + Focused Energy = Success + Great Life
unconscious + conscious mind focus leads to focused energy

  1. set yourself big goals and small goals throughout the day
  2. do not waste your energy on other things like TV, Games and masturbating.
  3. Use audio affirmations (record on computer and replay in loop on headphones)
  4. put images of what you want to achieve everywhere in your workplace
  5. use mental visualization/daydreaming to imagine where you want to go
  6. use theta wave audio to enhance your mental visualization
  7. you grow when you push your limits
  8. rework your entire believe system using audio affirmations.
  9. If you think too much about what people think you dont think enough about your goals
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