January 6th, 2011


A Rare 5-Star Review

Cyn Mobley's BAM: Book a Month only contains 43 pages of actual text. At the price she's asking, is she a rip-off artist?

No. She's actually a genius.

Pulling no punches and not adding any padding, Mobley lays out a workable system that if you can type on a computer keyboard and create a story, it is truly feasible to write a book in one 31-day period.

However, if you are simply terrible at grammar or if, like me, you can be out-typed by chimpanzees suffering from ADHD, there is still some work to do that is not covered in Mobley's short, but very powerful book.

(Note: As a published author, I have the writing part down. Typing? I just picked up Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Guess what I start working on tomorrow? ;-)

The bottom line is that for the writer looking to move into a more serious level of writing as income, BAM: Book a Month is worth the investment, the time, and the rereading.