November 21st, 2010


ISIGII's First Review (And Dyads Gets Blistered)

Kudos to editors Rob and Karina Fabian for their first official review of Infinite Space, Infinite God II. There are a lot of solid positive reviews, but alas, the reviewer did not care for Dyads.

That's okay. Reading is a subjective art and we all remember puzzlement over stories we enjoyed that others did not like and vice versa. Personally, I was surprised at what this reviewer saw in the story and its emphasis, but I have learned that people being people will carry away different perspectives and themes that I never intended (or did not see myself) in a tale that I have written.

The next reviewer may love the tale.

When you get a negative review, the best advice is to read it carefully and glean what truth from it that you can. Then you put it behind you and move on, crafting your art and always, always learning.

And allow me to share with you one professional tip: Never, NEVER respond to a negative review. I know of no author who has ever won trying to defend their work against a reviewer's impressions.

And, by the bye, I have received far, far worse. Twice in my writing career I have received rejection notices that were blistering. One I actually deserved. ;-)

Write on!