October 19th, 2010


In Honor of All Hallowed Eve

Though All Hallowed Eve is still several days away, I hope this poem helps put you in the mood. Enjoy.

The Apple Lady
by Alan Loewen


The night echoed a choir of crickets
Accented by an aroma of earth.
The moon washed the old orchard clean of color.

He ignored my protests against the chill,
The night, this vigil among the trees.

"Do you believe in wonder?" he asked.
My lie came easily.
"I lack imagination."

"In my twelfth year, " he said,
"I saw her among the trees
Clothed in autumn leaves
Hair red as autumn apples;
Her eyes like autumn frost."

I shook with more than cold.
"We should be home
With beer and friends,
Forget childhood dreams
And childhood lovers."

I left him standing
In moonlight and leaves.

With the rising sun
We found him fused
Into the bark of an old apple tree,
Taken in a wooden embrace,
A gentle smile on his lips.

Two items of interest:

1) Aside from the last stanza, this is based on a true story. Do not ask. My lips are sealed.

2) The fictional account of this poem can be read in the upcoming release of Ethereal Tales in a story entitled Greengate (scroll down)