October 3rd, 2009


My Schedule at CapClave 2009

Fri 7pm Ranolph - Library Thing, Goodreads, and Other Book Conversations

Participants: Colleen Cahill (m), David Louis Edelman, C. Alan Loewen, Karen Newton

What is library thing/goodreads etc.? Why would people want to tell the world what books they have? What are similar book oriented social media? How are they useful to writers, readers, and others?

Sat 2pm Montrose - Just Whose World Is It?

Participants: Charles E. Gannon (m), Iver Cooper, A.C. Crispin, Virginia DeMarce, Ed Lerner, C. Alen Loewen

Shared universes. What are the difficulties and advantages of writing in a shared world? How do you keep things under control? Does this help or hurt a writing career?

Sat 3pm Montrose - Save the Magazines!

Participants: Edmund Schubert (m), Scott Andrews, C. Alen Loewen, Karen Newton, George Scithers, Shelia Williams

What can be done to save the magazines? Asimov's circulation, once 100,000 is down to 17,000 F&SF even fewer. Is it worth saving? Are magazines doomed? Can Internet save the magazines? What will replace them?

Sat 5:30pm Twinbrook - Reading: Alan Loewen

Though I requested a booik signing, there was not a slot yet assigned to me, but I have put in a special request.