April 21st, 2009


Works In Progress

Until Ken Pick is done with the recent chapter (episode?) I sent him, I am taking time in two personal projects:

1. Grave Gate is a sword and sorcery fantasy introducing the Free Academy, a four-member adventurer's guild where the client needs something a little more subtle then just hack-and-slash. Here I introduce Brant, the leader; Melek, the swordsman with an unusual past, and the brother-and-sister team of North and Rime, martial arts experts. For Rime, I have given her a martial art called the Dancing Knives which in the story she uses to good advantage. We will certainly see more of these characters in future stories.

At this time, I will almost be certainly releasing Grave Gate under a Creative Commons license. For reasons I will explain later, I want to keep this novella to 22,240 words.

2. I have just finished reading William Hope Hodgeson's excellent anthology of Carnacki the Ghost Finder, a collection of six adventures of Thomas Carnacki, a type of supernatural detective.

By the bye, follow the links if you like good classic ghost stories.

Anyway, it got me thinking about my own version of Carnacki, an Anglican minister who basically does his own supernatural sleuthing. The challenge is to keep the novella to 55,378 words and six chapters in homage to Hodgeson, but--and here's the tough part--I want to keep it true to the doctrines of evangelical Christianity without resorting to the obvious cheap shot of labeling everything demonic and yet, I also don't want to give weight to any belief systems that are not orthodox.

The working name of my priest is John Schnell, a name I just picked out of the air.

Father Schnell, Father Bramwell, Father Schnell, Father Bramwell. I will think on this until I get a restraining order.

Anyway, this will be fun. I expect to self-publish this one either using Lulu or CreateSpace (I lean toward the latter).