October 20th, 2008


Back From CapClave

Had the honor of being at CapClave 2008 in Rockville, Maryland with coruca and 300+ plus spec fic fans and writers this weekend.

I am not speaking in superlatives when I say it was a life-changing event.

Over the weekend I met with authors who were very free with their advice and very blunt about my ultimate goal to become a full-time writer. I really respect that.

A.C. Crispin, Mindy L. Klasky, Barbara Krasnoff, and Victoria Strauss were very helpful and I hope to find their snail mail addys so I can send them a personalized thank-you card.

I also met up-and-coming authors Danny Birt and Tom Doyle, the winner of the2008 WSFA Award. Very nioce people and Doyle deserved the award.

Ken Pick and I won Honorable Mention for Mask of the Ferret along with four other authors.

The bottom line is that all the advice I was given allowed me to set out a complete strategy for what I want to achieve. The most obvious change is that I am going to reactivate my old account for personal information and this account will have its entries either removed or transferred and will serve only as marketing myself and my work.

I will make sure everybody has full warning when I make the transition and I will keep you updated with my personal marketing plan.

By the bye, the info for CapClave 2009 is already up. Hope to see you there next year.