October 7th, 2008


A Rather Odd Note

Way back in December 31 of last year, I submitted The Furry Con Murder Mystery to the Chicago Overcoat Anthology. This is the note I received from them today and I have not altered it in any way:

Hello, [Insert Writer Name Here]!

If you are receiving this message, then that means you have made it to the next level of editing. We've gone through the slush pile, and found that your story has that pop, that kick, that pizzazz that tends to catch our eye here at Susurrus Press.

However, you're still in competition with a number of other writers that have also done well, such as [Insert Writer Name Here], [Insert Writer Name Here], and the oh-so-impressive [Insert Writer Name Here]. So, don't go popping the cork on that bottle of bubbly just yet. As the song goes: "We've only just begun."

James Maddox & Brian Worley

I guess I should be happy I at least made it past the slush pile. And should I trust editors who can't spell pizazz?