June 23rd, 2008


It's Actually Happened!

I'm truly terrified to write this 'cause I'm afraid I'm going to wake up and it will all be a dream.

After decades of personal struggle, learning, failures, and effort, and help and advice from a LOT of people in the realm of writing, late last night I got an e-mail that Capstone Publishing has agreed to publish my novella The Seven Sisters.

I'm in shock.

Now comes the hard work. Dealing with the contract, rewriting any areas the publisher may want rewritten, working on a publicity campaign as well as the sequels (two are already planned), and making sure The Seven Sisters gets in as many hands as possible.

Many of you need to celebrate with me because you took time over the years of this blog (and its predecessor) to read my efforts and offered me constructive criticism and encouragement. Thank you. This is not a solitary achievement.

And I hope beyond hope tabbymlp sees this because in many ways, she deserves the biggest thank you of all as she encouraged the writing of The Seven Sisters from the beginning (and also taught me how to use commas and semicolons! ;-).