October 3rd, 2007


If H. P. Lovecraft Wrote A Children's Tale

Robert Chambers is an author who wrote a series of short stories about a play called The King in Yellow, a play so disturbing in its very essence, that to read the play drove the reader to find solace only in madness or death. The play has been described as the following:
It is well known how the book spread like infectious disease, from city to city, from continent to continent, barred here, confiscated there, denounced by press and pulpit, censured even by the most advanced of literary anarchists. No definite principles had been violated in those wicked pages, no doctrine promulgated, no convictions outraged. It could not be judged by any known standard, yet, although it was acknowledged that the supreme note of art had been struck in The King in Yellow, all felt that human nature could not bear the strain, nor thrive on words in which the essence of purest poison lurked.

I suspect I have found the children's version of The King in Yellow, so if you are brave, pour yourself some absinthe and lets take a look at a little tale for tots simply known as ...

The cover looks harmless enough. What could be wrong about 6 children holding hands standing out in the middle of a field where a lone tent stands? That is until you notice the fourth boy is wearing black leather ladies' pumps. His name is Dan and you'll meet him soon enough. He's weird. Really, really weird.

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