July 26th, 2007


My Final Take On This "Harry Potter Is Evil" Nonsense

This is not directed at anybody in particular, but at the dozen or so people who think I care about the HP fanage going on and it's going to turn us all into Satan-worshipping pagans:
  1. Do you really believe in your heart that God is so stupid He can't tell the difference between a story and reality? Do you actually see Him on His throne waiting for the day Harry and his friends are going to show up before Him so He can settle their little red wagons once and for all?
  2. Do you really believe in your heart that people in general (not counting the mentally ill) are so stupid, they think the Potter books are works of non-fiction?
  3. Do you really believe that any of the Harry Potter books are based in any form of reality at all? Yes? Here's a broom. Fly it. Here's a stick. Change this sandwich into a bar of gold. Here's my cat. Make it a familiar and have it talk. Here's a potion. Turn yourself into a wolf. Real Wiccans don't believe in this crap, so why do you insult yourself and God and do?
  4. Has Rowling at any time said the Potter books are based on any type of reality at all?
  5. There were people who read the Old Testament and because their hearts with evil, they came up with an occult system called the Kabbalah. The Old Testament also forms parts of powwow which is the name for early American folk magic. Should we ban the reading of the Old Testament? It's making people stumble.
  6. There were people who read the New Testament and because their hearts were evil, they came up with all sorts of spiritually destructive cults. Should we ban the reading of the New Testament? It's making people stumble.

Here's my bottom line:
  1. My family does not read Harry Potter, not because the books are evil, but because there are better books out there. We do occasionally watch the movies, but we do not focus on them. However, if my kids did read Potter, they are wise enough and well-trained to know they are fantasy. If they saw them as reality, I would get them professional help ASAP.
  2. If you feel that reading the Potter books are sin, STAY AWAY FROM THEM. You don't have to convince me they are evil for you. I personally believe modern dancing, tattoos, and body piercings are wrong and for all of you this is the first time I've ever mentioned it. The reason is that they are wrong for me, and if they are wrong for you, well, if you ask me my opinion, I'll share it with you, but I'm mature enough that when you show me your pierced, tattooed tongue modern dancing in your mouth I'm not going to rip off my clothes in my rage, deny Christ, and start burning churches down. I trust God to tell his own children what's right and wrong in His own good time.

Now you have a life to live and work to do, so close down the computer and go out and play.