February 17th, 2007


The Cave (2005) - A Critique

I got to see The Cave on DVD, a story about a group of professional cave divers who find themselves trapped in a large Romanian cave after an accident collapses the way out. The only problem is that they discover it is a subterranean ecosystem of which they now form part of the food chain.

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Submissions Out In The Wild

These are the submissions that I have sent out that are still waiting for acceptance or rejection:
  • "The Unbearable Burden of Beauty" sent to the anthology, Holy Horrors.

  • "The Furry Con Mystery" sent to the magazine Blood, Blade, and Thruster.

  • "The Last Satellite" (cowritten with Ken Pick) sent out to the anthology, Triangulation: End of Time.

  • "Night Mares" already accepted by Sam's Dot Publishing for their magazine, Beyond Centauri, is now also considering it for an unnamed anthology.

  • "Gray Matter" sent to the magazine Yog's Notebook