February 10th, 2007


The Seduction of Carcosa

For those of you who are not fans of H. P. Lovecraft, the Old Gentleman of Providence, this post will be nothing but boring and confusing and it is safe to move on.

The Carcosa Cycle (aka The Hastur Cycle) is a series of stories that range from the sublime (The Yellow Sign, by Robert W. Chambers) to the unspeakably absurd (The River of Night's Dreaming, by Karl Edward Wagner). The stories, as is befitting myth, are inconsistent and contradictory. However, the cycle appeals to me to the point I have written one Lovecraftian pastiche (The Mirror From Carcosa posted somewhere in this LJ) and in the story co-written with Ken Pick and published in Twilight Times Press' anthology, Infinite Space, Infinite God, I have Father Eric Heidler scouring the universe for the Carcosa Artifacts.

What follows is my interpretation of the Carcosa Cycle which is highly individualized and highly subjective. I borrow heavily from Chambers, James Blish, and (I say with deep shame) Lin Carter. Feel free to mock, laugh, point fingers, and disagree.

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