February 4th, 2007


From Karina Fabian, Editor of Infinite Space, Infinite God

I saw your LiveJournal post and all the comments. A couple of people asked where to find ISIG. Can you let them know the websites? Infinite Space, Infinite God for up-to-date info; Twilight Times Books for purchase. Also, you might want to let them know that the official print date is August 15.

I was going to comment, but LiveJournal won’t let me since I’m not registered with them or as a friend to you:

Dear all, as editor of Infinite Space, Infinite God, I can tell you that any compliments Craig or Ken get on their stories are well deserved! In fact, I had had to reject Craig’s Canticle of the Wolf for another anthology, but had loved it so much, I’d held onto it. It was the first acceptance for Infinite Space, Infinite God. I’m pleased to have these gentlemen as contributors and as friends.